Yodha Movie Review: Sidharth Malhotra and Disha Patani Take Viewers on an Unpredictable Journey

Hey readers, we’ve got the most run-of-the-mill movie of the year on our hands. Yodha, helmed by Sagar Ambre and Pushkar Ojha, is as foreseeable as the upcoming general elections. With Sidharth Malhotra taking the lead, the film offers him a solid stage to flaunt his strength and charm in a patriotic narrative advocating peace across borders while pointing fingers at extremists for turning terror into a ‘business.’ The hijacking storyline encounters quite a bit of turbulence over its two-hour journey, and the story’s conclusion is just as rough.

Sidharth Malhotra steps into the shoes of Arun Katyal, a skilled commando from the Yodha special task force, established by his late father (Ronit Roy in a brief appearance). Arun has a habit of marching to his own beat, leading to a mission where his quick actions result in the loss of a respected scientist’s life. This incident not only disbands Arun’s cherished Yodha team but also strains his marriage to his wife, bureaucrat Priyamvada (Raashii Khanna). Fast forward to years later, Arun finds himself back on a hijacked aircraft, facing a web of mysteries. Alongside a helpful yet enigmatic air hostess (Disha Patani), a desi uncle, an inquisitive trainee pilot, and a suspicious bearded man, Arun navigates a complex situation as the plane heads towards a critical destination during peace talks between India and Pakistan. Despite the storyline’s numerous turns, the predictability of the narrative undermines the suspense, making it easy to foresee the plot’s progression, character fates, and twists. This lack of unpredictability dampens the impact of the hijack thriller. In moments where the writing falters to deliver thrills, the screenplay resorts to dramatic maneuvers, like turning the plane upside down, in an attempt to inject excitement. Sidharth Malhotra seizes the opportunity to showcase his physicality and brooding demeanor throughout the film. Arun Katyal, portrayed by Malhotra, emerges as one of the better-developed characters in the narrative. Katyal embodies a rule-breaker yet valiant soldier willing to go to great lengths to protect his nation. It’s a role that allows him to…

Yodha tries to balance its patriotic theme by shifting focus from the nations to the terrorists and the system. However, this approach results in a film that struggles to fully engage the audience, offering only fleeting moments of interest. The movie follows a familiar formula with its love song, patriotic sentiments, and commentary on terrorism between India and Pakistan, echoing themes seen in other films. While the scenes inside the hijacked aircraft initially build suspense and intrigue, they eventually become predictable and somewhat disjointed. If you’re a Sid Malhotra fan, you might appreciate his portrayal as a skilled fighter facing off against a group of terrorists, showcasing his action prowess.

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