Adipurush: A Modern Visual Effects Twist on the Ramayana” Let me know if you need help with anything else!

Director Om Raut’s much-anticipated Adipurush has been making headlines since its first look was revealed in 2022. The film has sparked debates, discussions, and controversies regarding its cast and interpretation of the epic on the silver screen. Adipurush is inspired by Valmiki’s Ramayan, a tale deeply ingrained in the hearts of most Indians through reading, watching, or listening. Adapting such a widely known and detailed story into a three-hour movie presents a challenge. Does it succeed? Let’s dive in to discover.

The plot is a familiar one, with Raut, also the film’s writer, kicking off the story as Raghav (played by Prabhas), Janaki (portrayed by Kriti Sanon), and Shesh (played by Sunny Singh) live in exile. The narrative includes Lankesh (played by Saif Ali Khan), who kidnaps Janaki following an incident involving his sister Surpanakha and Raghav and Shesh. The story unfolds as Raghav, Shesh, their loyal companion Bajrang (played by Devdatta Nage), and an army of monkeys unite to confront Lankesh and rescue Janaki. Looking beyond the well-known storyline and its previous adaptations, Raut’s Adipurush impresses with its stunning visuals, particularly in the impactful introduction scene between Lankesh and Raghav. While some may perceive the portrayal of Raavan, or Lankesh, as exaggerated, Raut’s unique take on the antagonist adds an intriguing element.

Playing around with the characters of Ram and Sita can be quite daring in today’s context. Considering their revered status in India, Raut ventures into bold artistic territory to reimagine the character of Raavan. The outcome is a blend of Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones and Khilji from Bhansali’s films. Through the magic of CGI, Khan’s portrayal of Lankesh is enhanced to make him appear larger than life, sporting a rugged appearance with spiked hair, piercing blue eyes, clad in black leather, and exuding a menacing aura. His mode of transport is a creature resembling a mix of a dragon and a Pterodactyl. Raut draws inspiration from various elements of popular culture. In Prabhas’ introductory sequence, he combats eerie flying creatures with skeletal faces reminiscent of dementors from Harry Potter. Adipurush is rich in nods to Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and even The Flash.

Even though the film heavily relies on CGI, the first half feels a bit drawn out, making you eager to get to the action-packed battle scenes. However, the second half truly excels, showcasing a visually stunning spectacle in Adipurush. The filmmakers also cater to the audience’s expectations by including lines designed to elicit cheers and applause in theaters. Some of the impactful dialogues are: “We will set ablaze the kingdom of those who harm our sisters,” “I will burn down your father’s kingdom and ego,” and “Do you know who my father is?” Due to the extensive use of VFX, the actors’ performances may have been somewhat constrained. Prabhas embodies his character well, commanding attention despite his limited dialogue. Kriti Sanon looks radiant as Sita, yet her role doesn’t offer much room for acting due to her limited screen time and lines. Sunny Singh shines as Laxman, and Devdatta Nage impresses as Bajrang. Vatsal Seth brings a spark to his portrayal of Indrajit, but it’s Saif Ali Khan who steals the spotlight with his villainous portrayal of Lankesh. His character is well-developed, and Khan delivers a stellar performance in his interpretation.

For traditionalists, Adipurush might seem too daring as it reimagines some key moments of the Ramayana. However, if viewed independently, it effectively portrays the classic battle of good versus evil. While it may not boast the best VFX, the film caters to an audience unfamiliar with the Ramanand Sagar version on TV. Think of it as a modern retelling that reinvigorates your understanding of the epic tale, offering a unique portrayal of Raavan. Should you give Adipurush a chance? Definitely, even if this review gives you pause, right?

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