Tom Cruise takes on AI in an action-packed thrill ride in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One review

In the latest Mission: Impossible installment, writer-director Christopher McQuarrie delves into the AI discussion by making AI, known as The Entity in the film, the central antagonist. While M:I 7 delivers the expected high-octane action, it also offers a glimpse into a potentially AI-dominated future. Agent Ethan Hunt and his team are on a mission to secure a crucial key that could prevent a global catastrophe. The race across Europe to find and unite the key is intensified by the advanced thinking of The Entity. With various characters vying for the key, including familiar faces like Benji, Luther, and Ilsa, as well as new additions, the stakes are high. The presence of an AI ally, Gabriel, adds a personal dimension to Hunt’s journey, linking him to his past.

In “Dead Reckoning,” Cruise takes on a more subtle portrayal of Hunt, hinting at a possible passing of the torch to a new generation. Despite being 60, Cruise defies age with his flawless execution of daring stunts. The film’s extended runtime and repetitive chase scenes slightly detract from the overall experience, but Cruise’s commanding presence and the sleek cinematography keep the audience engaged. While the movie sets the stage for a sequel, it still delivers a good dose of excitement. “Dead Reckoning” may not reach the heights of Cruise’s previous work like “Top Gun: Maverick,” but it stays true to the franchise’s essence as a thrilling spectacle. If you’re a fan of Cruise’s action-packed performances, this film is a must-watch, showcasing his charisma and mastery of the genre.

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