Tiger 3: Salman Khan’s newest installment lacks the edge of its predecessors ?

Tiger 3 packs in all the usual elements – patriotism, jaw-dropping action, exotic locations, and glamorous spies, but somehow it doesn’t quite hit the mark like its predecessors. Despite being part of the successful Tiger franchise and the YRF spy universe, including films like Pathaan and War, Tiger 3, penned by Sridhar Raghavan and Aditya Chopra, showcases Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in larger-than-life roles with a plot full of twists and drama, yet it fails to leave a lasting impression.

Salman Khan returns as RAW agent Tiger, now residing in Austria with his wife Zoya (played by Katrina Kaif), a former ISI agent, and their son Junior. Tasked with a dangerous mission by RAW chief, Tiger encounters his old rival who discloses a new terrorist threat. The couple is compelled to steal a critical briefcase to save their son, leading to a high-stakes operation that jeopardizes their careers.

While the storyline holds promise, the abundance of twists can be perplexing. The appearance of Shah Rukh Khan as Pathaan in the second half adds to the complexity, leaving viewers somewhat disoriented. The narrative’s intricacies may challenge the audience’s grasp, making it a bit of a puzzle to follow.

The action scenes, despite being packed with VFX, and the thrilling chases through Turkey’s rugged landscapes create a visually stunning experience. There’s a moment where Khan free falls from a cliff, reminiscent of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, and it’s truly impressive. However, the story seems to manipulate patriotic emotions, portraying a nuanced view of Pakistan rather than a blanket judgment. Tiger’s dedication to protecting his in-laws adds depth to his character.

I totally get what you’re saying about Tiger 3. It feels like the timing might not be the best with other big releases like Pathaan and Jawan. The plot in Tiger 3 seems to take a backseat compared to the focus on Salman Khan’s larger-than-life action hero persona. It would have been nice to see a stronger story to support all the action. And when they shift to Pakistan, the stereotypes can be a bit over-the-top and unnecessary, right?

I totally see what you mean about Salman Khan in Tiger. He really fits into the role well, showing a more attentive and skeptical side. It’s interesting how the antagonist, Aatish, played by Hashmi, is given more depth, making his motivations clearer. And Katrina Kaif’s character, Zoya, gets some intense fight scenes that highlight her physical abilities. The dynamic between the Khans, with Shah Rukh Khan bringing in his charm, adds a cool element to the action-packed sequences. It’s all about that banter between them amid all the chaos with the Pakistani army and dangerous situations.

The music by Pritam, even with Arijit Singh’s vocals, seems to be just average. For Salman Khan fans, the movie might still be enjoyable, especially with his spy character saving the day. And if you’re into the YRF Spyverse, there’s apparently an exciting easter egg at the end. But for those looking for a more cohesive story and a sleek spy thriller, Tiger 3 might not hit the mark as well as the previous films in the franchise.

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