Review of ‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya’: Shahid Kapoor and Kriti Sanon’s movie delves into an overly indulgent narrative on artificial intelligence.

Before Shahid Kapoor gained recognition for his serious roles, he established himself as the charming boy next door in romantic movies. Kapoor made a mark with the sleeper hit ‘Ishq Vishq’ in 2003, leading to a series of family-oriented romantic roles. In his recent film ‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya’ alongside Kriti Sanon, Kapoor revisits that nostalgic era. Directed by Amit Joshi and Aradhana Sah, the movie offers a modern perspective on love in the age of AI while evoking the essence of early 2000s romantic family dramas.

With all the buzz around AI and its potential impact on our lives, the idea of a romance between a human and a robot is explored in ‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya’. In the film, Kapoor portrays a robotics expert working for his aunt’s company, where he encounters SIFRA, a human-like robot designed by his aunt. Aryan falls in love with SIFRA, unaware of her true nature. As the story unfolds, Aryan navigates the complexities of his feelings for SIFRA and the challenges of revealing the truth to his family. The narrative delves into whether Aryan will disclose the reality to his family and whether Aryan and SIFRA’s relationship will endure.

The movie doesn’t really dive into why Aryan chooses a robot. It’s kinda like that film ‘Her’ with Joaquin Phoenix, where he falls for an AI voice. They touch on Aryan’s loneliness in a world of machines but don’t explore it deeply. Aryan fires his maid for a messy job but warms up to SIFRA for being attentive to his needs. The idea of a companion just for chores and agreement is kinda off. The second half, especially the climax, picks up the pace with a funny scene at the police station involving SIFRA. Shahid Kapoor brings the groove with his dance moves, and Kriti Sanon matches him well. I just wished they showed more of their love story development. It felt a bit forced, like Aryan falling for a version of himself. Shahid Kapoor’s acting skills could’ve been utilized better in this film.

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