Review of Shaitaan: R Madhavan’s dark performance falls short in rescuing this lackluster plot

The lesson here is never to judge a movie by its trailer, right? Vikas Bahl’s Shaitaan had us all intrigued with its cast and thrilling trailer, but did it live up to the hype? Well, it kinda did, but not entirely.

The plot is pretty straightforward. Ajay Devgn’s Kabir takes his family on a trip, and they encounter the enigmatic Vanraj (played by R Madhavan) at a roadside dhaba. Things take a dark turn when Vanraj’s influence over Kabir’s daughter Janvi becomes apparent, leading to a tense and chilling scenario at their farmhouse.

The tension escalates as Vanraj manipulates Janvi’s actions, creating chaos within the family. Kabir’s love for his daughter is put to the test as he tries to protect her from Vanraj’s sinister control. The movie delves into a gripping narrative of manipulation and family dynamics, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

In every scene, Janki Bodiwala shines alongside the lead actor, portraying Janvi with a mix of awareness and helplessness. Her dialogue may be minimal, but her emotive expressions truly captivate the audience, especially in her eerie portrayal of the possessed Janvi. Ajay Devgn takes on the role of the father with a subtle touch, showcasing a different side from his usual larger-than-life hero persona. Despite his restrained performance, the plot doesn’t always allow him to shine against Madhavan’s character. Jyothika, on the other hand, conveys a mother’s resilience beautifully through her expressive eyes. While Shaitaan starts off strong, it struggles to maintain its momentum, losing focus in the latter half. The climax feels melodramatic and drawn out, missing the mark set by the promising beginning. Although I had high hopes for Shaitaan, it falls short of leaving a lasting impact. While Madhavan and Janki Bodiwala deliver commendable performances, the weak script hampers their efforts. Shaitaan hit theaters last Friday.

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