Review of Laapataa Ladies: Kiran Rao’s movie wraps you in a cozy embrace

Kiran Rao’s latest flick, Laapataa Ladies, hits all the right notes on equality, education, and women’s empowerment with a sprinkle of humor. Featuring fresh faces like Pratibha Ranta, Nitanshi Goel, Sparsh Shrivastava, and Ravi Kishan, this film had the potential to either soar or stumble. But, diving into the charming world of Nirmal Pradesh, the writers, Sneha Desaid and Divyanidhi, craft a touching tale that avoids being preachy despite tackling feminist themes. It’s truly the heartwarming story of the year.

The storyline is pretty straightforward. Dinesh Kumar is heading home with his new wife, Phool Kumari, after their wedding. Their journey involves various modes of transportation, from a scooter to a bus, and finally, a train ride.

Upon arriving home late at night, the surprise unveiling of the bride’s face shocks everyone. It turns out there was a mix-up on the train, and Deepak brought Pushpa instead of Phool. Meanwhile, Phool is stranded at another station, unaware of how to reunite with her husband.

As Deepak searches for Phool and tries to locate Pushpa’s family, Pushpa’s enigmatic behavior raises suspicions from the local cop, played by Ravi Kishan.

Although the story is set in fictional places, it tackles real issues. The magic lies in the exceptional screenplay by Desai and Divyanidhi, who skillfully adapt the narrative from Biplab Goswami. The film delights with its attention to detail, like Phool’s interactions with a beggar, a street vendor, and a tea seller at the station. These encounters lead Phool to learn valuable lessons on feminism from an older woman who finds work at the shop.

The film dives deep into various themes like female bonding, equality, education, self-reliance, and societal norms imposed on women. Each scene subtly conveys a message without feeling preachy. The exceptional writing and outstanding performances in Laapataa Ladies make it a delightful and engaging watch.

The cast of Laapata Ladies is truly remarkable. Kishan, a seasoned actor, delivers a standout performance as the cunning cop. His impeccable comic timing shines in the film, standing out among the mostly unfamiliar faces without overshadowing the main characters. His portrayal is nuanced, avoiding the trap of overacting and leaving a lasting impression.

The newcomers in the film deliver stellar performances. Nitanshi Goel, known as an influencer, surprises with the depth she brings to her character. It challenges the initial judgment based on her social media presence. Goel infuses her role with the perfect blend of innocence. Phool follows the rules diligently but remains open to learning. Despite being labeled as naive for her optimism, she eventually wins over others with her unwavering beliefs.

Pushpa, portrayed by Ranta, brings a different vibe compared to Phool. She’s a bit skeptical yet full of spirit. While she strategizes wisely, she also imparts valuable lessons to the women in Deepak’s family – fostering bonds, empowering them to speak up, and aiding in the search for Phool, all while ensuring her own goals are met. Ranta’s portrayal of Pushpa is captivating, tackling a complex character with finesse, maintaining a subtle performance that aligns perfectly with the character’s motives.

Sparsh Srivastava keeps the ladies company in the film. Known for his role in the Netflix series Jamtara, Srivastava embodies the type of leading man that Hindi cinema needs more of. His portrayal of Deepak, a character filled with sorrow and guilt, is so convincing that it blurs the line between actor and character. His portrayal of Deepak stumbling over his English yet being proud of it, his longing for Phool, and his responsible handling of Pushpa’s situation all contribute to a well-crafted character, expertly played.

The writing and direction in the film are truly exceptional. Laapata Ladies flawlessly addresses various societal issues with a touch of humor and subtlety, creating a heartwarming experience. It’s a narrative that resonates with viewers, provoking thought and eliciting smiles simultaneously.

Rao’s debut film, Dhobi Ghaat, delved into the theme of solitude in a bustling city like Mumbai. The film was skillfully executed and visually appealing, earning praise for its subtle communication with the audience. Laapataa Ladies beautifully embraces a feminist perspective without vilifying men or sugarcoating their actions. Rao constructs a captivating world where everything and everyone exudes a gentle aura, mirroring the film’s treatment and its setting.

You should definitely check out Laapataa Ladies. It’s not just about the message or the characters; it’s also about the humor and, most importantly, honoring director Kiran Rao’s exceptional work. Let this film serve as a prime example of how to approach narratives centered around women.

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