Khufiya Review: Tabu and Ali Fazal’s Movie Offers a Unique Spin on Espionage Thrillers.

Vishal Bhardwaj really knows how to unravel a story layer by layer in his latest film, Khufiya. Honestly, when I saw the teaser for Khufiya, I didn’t expect it to be an espionage thriller. Right from the start, they set the stage with the historical backdrop post-Kargil war, showing the political tensions between India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Even though it delves into espionage and the dynamics between these countries, Khufiya isn’t solely a political film. It follows the journey of intelligence agent KM, played by Tabu, as she grapples with her mission to uncover a mole within the agency. The plot thickens as suspicions fall on Ravi Mohan, portrayed by Ali Fazal, and his wife Charu, suspected of leaking crucial information to Pakistan. The story unfolds with twists and turns, revealing the complexities of espionage and personal relationships.

The movie starts with a dreamy scene of a woman strolling down a rain-soaked alley, almost like a painting, while KM’s voice narrates the intricate details about her. The mole on her collarbone, the way she sneezes thrice in a row – personal details only known by her partner. In Hindi films, it’s usually the man who narrates such details about the woman he loves. In Khufiya, Bhardwaj and Narula change the narrative. Here, a woman describes another woman, leading a team of men in a covert operation. It’s her journey of finding closure, redemption, and making things right.

Tabu is the perfect choice to portray the composed, slightly quirky, and clumsy KM. The actress and the director have collaborated on multiple projects, and each time Tabu has shone in an ensemble cast. Khufiya is no exception, with Tabu fully embracing a role that feels like a natural fit for her. She’s elusive yet sensitive, dedicated, principled, but always staying within boundaries. Tabu’s KM comes across as an ordinary individual with a compassionate heart.

The female characters in Khufiya are truly remarkable. Wamiqa Gabbi, Bhardwaj’s latest favorite, stands out on her own. Despite being relatively new among the cast, she captivates attention with her outstanding performance. Her portrayal of Charu is a blend of innocence and vulnerability, finding the courage to fight for her son. Gabbi has been gaining recognition for her work in recent shows like Jubilee and Charlie Chopra, and Khufiya will further solidify her place in the industry.

Actresses Azmeri Haque Badhon and Navnindra Behl bring their characters to life with charm and depth. One portrays a mysterious spy who skillfully uses her allure to gather vital information, while the other utilizes wisdom and experience to accomplish tasks.

The male actors also deliver strong performances. Ali Fazal, in his role as Ravi, impresses with his portrayal of an ordinary man with hidden depths. Fazal’s nuanced performance makes Ravi intriguingly unassuming yet secretly formidable. His standout moments come in the climax and in interactions with Behl, showcasing compelling mother-son dynamics. Ashish Vidyarthi, portraying the agency head, delivers a solid performance, adding depth to the character.

The movie keeps you engaged with its quirky moments and situational comedy, adding a light touch to the story. Farhad Ahmed Dehlvi’s cinematography is like painting, setting the tone of tension and seriousness beautifully.

I do feel the film could be a bit shorter. It’s a slow-burn thriller, taking its time to unveil the plot and characters fully. At nearly two and a half hours, the pace might feel slower than expected for an espionage thriller. The focus on KM and Octopus’ relationship, exploring KM’s obsession with capturing the mole connected to Octopus’ demise, adds depth to the narrative.

Khufiya breaks the mold of typical espionage films, offering a refreshing take. It avoids clich├ęs like exaggerated patriotism or heroic stereotypes, presenting a flawed yet exceptional protagonist in KM. She’s sharp, patient, and empathetic, making her character stand out.

The collaboration between Vishal Bhardwaj and Tabu continues to impress in Khufiya. The film requires attention and patience but rewards viewers with its unique storytelling. Khufiya is available for streaming on Netflix.

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