Kho Gaye Hum Kahan review : Lost in Love and Friendship: Exploring Relationships in the Era of Social Media

In the film “Lost in Our Whereabouts” by newcomer director Arjun Varain Singh, the main characters – three childhood pals – may seem cool online but struggle to connect in real life. Singh, along with Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti, captures Gen Z’s digital world obsession while revealing the emptiness of their actual lives. The trio, played by Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Panday, and Adarsh Gourav, juggle different careers and yearn for more. They’re tight-knit but face personal battles unknown to each other. Imaad, a commitment-phobic comedian, shares a flat with Anaya, a postgrad working through heartbreak. Their friend Neil, a gym trainer to the stars, dates a social media influencer avoiding public acknowledgment. Neil’s desire for change tests their friendship when they venture into business together. Mixing personal and professional life proves challenging as their decades-long bond is strained.

Validation, especially on social media, and constantly being glued to screens is a common thread among the three friends. It appears like they’re having a blast in their lives and careers, but beneath the surface, it’s a facade. Much like their online personas, they only show the positives and struggle internally. “Lost in Our Whereabouts” strikes a chord early on with its relatable portrayal of modern-day struggles in the social media era, where we showcase perfection online while concealing our daily challenges.

The movie not only explores friendship but also digs into the superficiality of our digital lifestyles. It follows the journey of the trio as they navigate the real world beyond their screens. The casting is spot-on, with Chaturvedi, Panday, and Gourav embodying their characters authentically. The film captures the essence of their inner conflicts and the masks they wear in their daily lives.

The cinematography by Tanay Satam adds depth to the storytelling, enhancing the overall narrative.

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