Fukrey 3: Varun Sharma shines in this average comedy flick!

The Fukrey series by Mrighdeep Singh Lamba has always been known for Hunni and Choocha’s quirky business ideas, silliness, and comedic situations. The first movie, Fukrey, hit the screens nearly a decade ago and still stands out as one of the funniest films in recent memory. Its sequel, Fukrey Returns, tried to keep up the same vibe but didn’t quite capture the magic of the original. Continuing a successful franchise with a third installment is no easy task. It has to live up to its predecessor’s success and keep the humor alive. In Fukrey 3, Lamba and the cast maintain the same blend of comedy while also touching on an important issue.

The movie kicks off with a recap of the past events in a catchy song during the opening credits. Hunni and Choocha remain the lovable slackers who profit from Choocha’s odd premonitions and run a struggling electronics store with Pandit and Laali. On the other hand, Bholi Punjaban has climbed the social ladder and is now involved in state politics. She aims for the Water Department position post-election and enlists Hunni and the crew to attract voters. However, Choocha inadvertently steals the spotlight, leading Hunni to push Choocha into running against Bholi, much to her dismay. As the story unfolds amidst elections and a surprise trip to South Africa, Hunni and Choocha discover a new talent that could bring them more fortune. The question remains: will they use it to win the elections? The adventure continues…

Varun Sharma, known for his physical comedy as the lovable Choocha, truly shines in the film. His portrayal of the character has truly made him a star since the first movie. The dialogues delivered by Tripathi are top-notch in Fukrey 3, adding to the humor. While the movie retains the essence of the previous installments, the humor starts feeling a bit repetitive. However, just when you think it’s becoming predictable, writer Vipul Vig introduces a twist with a moralistic angle, touching on urban issues like water scarcity. This change in tone adds depth to the comedy, making it more engaging. Despite some predictable moments, there are still some laugh-out-loud scenes. Keep an eye out for Fazal’s cameo, hinting at a possible fourth movie in the series. It begs the question, do we really want more of the same from the Fukras?

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